Low Energy Radiant Heating / Cooling Solutions

There are many situations where fan forced systems are not the most appropriate option nor the most efficient. Radiant heating/cooling systems is an option that can achieve the desired comfort levels in a space. Due to the use of direct radiant heat / cool instead of air to transfer the heat the efficiency of the system is much greater than conventional air-conditioning.


Co-generation and Tri-generation Solutions

In situations where there is electrical demand and thermal demand on the one premises, on-site electricity generation many be the best option. When the system is well designed it can reduce carbon emissions, reduce energy costs and increase energy security. Before embarking on this route, contact us to model the system to determine if is suitable for your premises and if it meets your investment criteria.


Waste Heat Recovery Solutions

Don’t let value energy in the form of waste heat go to waste. There may be opportunities to recover the energy and put it to use elsewhere on the premises. For example, waste heat from air-conditioning plant can be used pre heat water for the hot water service. Contact us to identify opportunities to save energy using heat recovery solutions.


Designing in Energy Efficiency at Concept stage – Integrated Energy Solutions

The best opportunity for achieving energy efficiency is at the concept stage of a project. It is here we look for integrated system options that would normally be over looked when individual disciplines are involved. Once a system is conceptualised it is modelled and tested. The process may be iterated until the system is optimised. The output of this process becomes the brief for the individual disciplines to proceed with the detail design work. In some cases where specialised technologies are involved we further contribute to the detail design. Throughout the process we can provide an overarching role to keep the concept to achievement on track.


Energy Recovery from Waste Solutions – Bio Gas Production

Waste can often be described as a resource in the wrong place. If waste is thought of as a resource it changes our response to it. Biological waste can be converted to methane gas which can be used for heating or generation of electricity. For a different perspective on waste contact us.


Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable energy sources provide a clean on-going source of energy. Typically it needs to be carefully designed to ensure correct sizing, functional integration and balancing with other sources of energy and appropriate energy storage and energy management technology. There are usually a range of related issues, normally over looked, that need to be considered. For example general energy efficiency of the premises, balancing load and minimising demand spikes. These issues not only effect good design but also the investment return of the whole system. Contact us to develop a renewable energy plan for your premises.


Energy Modelling Solutions

Energy modelling is the basis of assessing buildings and processes to ensure they will meet your requirements. This is a way of testing before committing the funds to the project to give you more confidence that it will meet your objectives both environmentally and commercially. Energy Modelling is used in;
NABERS related projects to predict the performance of a new building or an upgraded building,
It is used in Green Star rated projects,
It is sometimes used in demonstrating compliance with the building code,
It is used in concept development to test options and refine the project brief
It is used in aspects of energy auditing and in the preparation of energy management plans.
Contact us to provide energy modelling for your project.


Energy Efficient Heat Pump Solutions

New technologies are emerging continually that improve how we use and manage energy. Heat pumps are an old technology but new advances make them very efficient. Ground or water coupling makes then even more efficient compared to air based systems. We are researching new technology all the time to be able to utilise advances in the solutions we offer.